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This is our amazing team. Let us tell you more about them!

Brooke Grigsby

Executive Administrator

Brooke is a resourceful, innovative, and proactive independent thinker who doesn't need much supervision or direction. As Executive Assistant and Wife of Dr. Grigsby, she brings warmth, support, and organization to all Grigsby Consulting adventures.

Stephonia Taylor McLinn

HR and Licensed Benefit's Consultant

Stephonia comes onto the team as a 25 year veteran in the business consulting world. She specializes in Bookkeeping, Payroll Administration, Human Resources, and Insurance.

Kayla Lynch, MBA, MA

Business & Nonprofit Consultant

Kayla is a highly accomplished 5th-year Business and Nonprofit consultant who brings a unique perspective and expertise to Grigsby clients. She holds an MBA in Nonprofit Leadership from Marshall University, where she gained comprehensive knowledge and skills in strategic planning, financial management, and organizational development. Kayla's expertise in business development and technology has played a pivotal role in helping organizations navigate complex challenges, identifying opportunities for growth, streamlining operations, and implementing cutting-edge solutions to achieve their goals.

Jennifer Noel

HR and Marketing Consultant 

James Brown, Jr.

HR and Licensed Benefit's Consultant 


Who Am I

William J. Grigsby, Ph.D.

Dr. Bill has 15 years of experience as a Business and Nonprofit Consultant. He has helped organizations of all sizes and sectors navigate a wide range of issues and challenges. From strategic planning and operational efficiency to fundraising and stakeholder engagement, he brings a comprehensive toolkit of solutions and strategies to help clients achieve their goals and maximize their impact. Whether you're a startup looking to scale, a nonprofit seeking to enhance your community impact, or a mature business looking to optimize your operations, Dr. Bill can provide tailored guidance and support to help you achieve success. With a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges facing businesses and nonprofits today, He can help you navigate the complex landscape of organizational management and achieve sustainable growth and impact. 

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